​I offer workshops for teachers, students and parents. I teach mindfulness meditation, pranayama(breath work) and elements of different yoga styles (Iyengar and Ashtanga). In class, I emphasize awareness of breath, sensations and thoughts while practicing the asanas (poses). 


Learning by Doing

Learning experiential, dynamic and inquiry-based. I differentiate yogic practice based on the needs and abilities of my students. Students practice a series of linked poses that build in complexity and challenge over time.

Social Learning

Teacher and students engage together with the practice. We learn from one another. 


​Large Group Classes
I provide slow-flow yoga practice to large groups in gym and auditorium settings. 

Yoga in the Classroom
In the classroom, I lead students and teachers in shamata (a focused breathing meditation) and vipassana (a mind training practice). 

For Parents and Administrators
My after-school in-service seminars and lectures introduce administrators and parents to the value of mindfulness. These skills instill confidence and improve focus, which helps students succeed in the classroom and in exam performance.

Yoga for Students, Educators and Parents

"What shines through with Shelley is that she is so knowledgeable."

— Aimee, Teacher

I offer holistic yoga programs that encompass movement, meditation and mindfulness.

I help students develop strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance, while experiencing a direct awareness of the mind and body connection. 

I work with all ages, in classrooms, small group or large group settings, integrated with DP, MYP, PYP, AP, IGCSE, or university environments, with students, educators, parents and the public.

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Shelley Drennan

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